Mentor’s Post: “Nobody has a Monopoly on Good Ideas” by Chris Ducker


Nobody has a Monopoly on Good Ideas. Thank you for Listening to Mine.

One of the reasons why I immediately said ‘yes’ when I was asked to be a Mentor at the first ever Startup Weekend, here in Cebu, was entirely selfish. I simply get a big kick out of helping people. Plain and simple.

As a Mentor, one of the biggest struggles I’ve from the teams here so far is the lack of ‘real’ business experience. Let’s face it – as the large majority of attendees are NOT full-blown business owners yet, it’s hardly surprising, either.

For me, it’s been incredibly humbling having the opportunity to help so many people ‘get it’ a little better and hopefully make a difference in the way that they develop their business idea going forward.

In my experience, the difference between entrepreneurs that become incredibly successful, and those that don’t is the ability to listen to other peoples ideas. Concepts. Suggestions. That’s the essence that Startup Weekend brings. Developing teams of great minds and then taking that collective brilliance and turning it into a business that solves problems and makes money.

Every group that I’ve sat with has been all ears. They listened intently to my suggestions and ideas, and some even made changes, right there in front of me on their laptop screens, to their idea, based on my input.

Amazing and again, humbling.

And this ‘productivity floor’ that I’m sitting on as I write this post is positively buzzing. I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that there is going to be at least a handful of phenomenally successful businesses come out of this weekend, and THATS what its all about, right..?

So, if you’re here, sitting around me, one thing I will leave you with is a tip for your pitches tomorrow night…

Do whatever you can to memorize as much of your pitch as possible. There is nothing less convincing when somebody is trying to convince you of something, then when they are having to read every word.

Learn it. Practice it. And Practice it again. And again.

Good luck.